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Tyumen Holy Trinity Monastery

Tyumen’s Holy Trinity Monastery is located in the historical center of Tyumen just a few minutes’ walk from the Tura Embankment.

The monastery was founded on the picturesque bank of the Tura River in 1616. Almost a century later in 1708 the old wooden monastery was rebuilt with stone. Shortly after the monastery was named Holy Trinity. The building process was conducted under the leadership of metropolitan Philophey Leschinsky. Later on he took monastic vows and lived the rest of his life in seclusion. After his death in 1727, he was buried at the monastery’s entrance. During the Soviet period the monastery was used as a dormitory for a military platoon as well as the headquarters of the city’s water control system. The monastery was returned to the Tyumen diocese in 1995, but the first service was not held there until 2003. In 2005 the relic of prelate Philophey was uncovered and is now kept in the monastery of Peter and Paul Cathedral. In 2007 a square was dedicated to Philophey near the monastery. Today Holy Trinity Monastery is open for everyone to see and tour while it continues to hold regular liturgical services.

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