Do I need a visa in Russia?

To apply for a visa from a Consulate or the Embassy of the Russian Federation you have to submit a copy of a tourist voucher. A voucher is a confirmation paper provided by a Russian hosting travel agency with the registration number of acceptance.

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What do you need to know about getting a visa for Russia?

First of all, you have to get a tourist invitation (voucher). You can apply for it here after choosing your country of origin.

The tourist visa application also requires:

— A foreign passport that is valid for at least 6 months after the visa expiration date and has at least 2 blank pages;

— A visa application filled out on [Englishis available], printed and signed;

— A color photograph on a light background with a clear view of the face without dark glasses or head coverings (except for people whose religious or national traditions require a passport photograph in which they are wearing a head covering). The photo size is 3,5x4,5 cm;

— A health insurance policy card valid in the Russian Federation for the visa period, except for countries covered by bilateral agreements.

After collecting all the necessary documentation, you need to schedule an appointment for an interview at the nearest Russian Consulate or Embassy. You can find a list of them on the website [RU] of the Ministry of International Affairs of Russia after choosing your country.

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