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Chum Restaurant Museum

+7 3452 62 1660
59/12 Malygina st.
Average bill — $21.02
Working hours
Mon-Sun from 11:00 to 02:00
  • Wi-Fi
  • Business lunch
  • VIP room
  • Banquet hall
  • Wine card
  • Kids menu
  • Take-out food

The Chum is the only restaurant museum in the city!

Everything about it recreates the atmosphere of the North. First guests enter a spacious hallway decorated as a trailer of Geologist shift workers. The first hall recreates the atmosphere of the Khanty life: a starry sky, fluffy snowdrifts, and a sleigh pulled by a reindeer. The main highlight of the room is a traditional Khanty tent (Chum) – a closed room that can comfortably accommodate 6-7 people.

Before entering the Chum one has to bow in order to pay homage to the spirits of the home. The guest hall is decorated like a factory—a trading post for the locals to exchange goods and information. But before getting inside each guest goes through a sacred Yamal and Yugra natives’ traditional ritual of purification of the soul and body.

The unusual thing about the restaurant is not only the setting but also the northern cuisine, which preserves the food’s natural flavors and the health benefits of the ingredients after the cooking process.

The restaurant, however, does not only offer a delicious and nourishing meal. It also plunges the guests into the era of the discovery of the Far North, and the waiters provide unforgettable excursions. There is always something to see, for the restaurant holds a permanent exhibition of the museum items from the Tyumen Regional Museum.

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