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Tura Embankment

The only thing in the Russian four-level structure of this kind and one of the favorite holiday destinations among residents and visitors alike. 

Here, close to each other is full of the city's attractions: Lover's Bridge, historic area, the museum "City Council" Architecture and Construction University and Holy Trinity Monastery. 

Embankment and Bridge of lovers - the card of the city, they are depicted on the magnets, postcards and other souvenirs that tourists bring from Tyumen. Construction of the promenade continues today, it planned its expansion on both sides of the river Tura. Throughout the embankment scattered monuments of famous people, life and activity was somehow linked to Tyumen. 

Summer, early Fall and spring - the best time for walking and spending time on the waterfront. There is always noisy, a lot of people are songs with a guitar, working fountains, flash mobs and held a variety of events, to the Bridge of lovers traditionally come to the newlyweds. In the summer promenade Tours - the most popular holiday destination residents. 

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