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Revolution Figthers Square

The Revolution Fighters’ Square is located in the historical section of the city surrounded by educational institutions such as Tyumen State University and North Ural State Agrarian University.

Situated directly behind the Farewell Square, the Revolution Fighters’ Square holds a place in the city’s historic district. The initial outlines of the square appeared at the end of the 18th century when the Alexander Secondary School was built in 1879. Then in 1910 the house of city’s mayor was erected nearby. For many years, it was an empty square having little memorial significance. In 1957, however, for the 40th anniversary of the Great October Revolution a great monument was cast according to the sketches of sculptor Y. A. Gerasimov—it was a sculpture of a peasant and a worker under the red flag. The memorial was established on the common grave—may they rest in peace—of those Red Army soldiers who died between 1918 and 1921 on behalf of the Soviet peoples. The name “The Revolution Fighters’ Square” was given to this memorial in 1967. Today the square has a solemn yet peaceful atmosphere with a park with trails to walk and a spacious playground for children.

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