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Komsomolsky Park

The Komsomolsky Park is found in Tyumen’s triangular plaza formed by Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, Moskovsky Trakt and Traktovaya streets.

The story of this park begins in 1961 when Semyon Patsko, the first secretary of the CPSU City Committee, suggested that trees should be planted in the field between Moskovsky and Chervishevsky Trakt streets. Prior to his suggestion the field was used by many to cultivate potatoes. Once the plans for the field were made, the members of the Komsomol, the students of two of Tyumen’s universities and the young workers of the railway station and the factories started planting linden trees in the field, along with a few other species of trees. The newly-built park was named simply “The Park next to School №30” which is located nearby. The park soon began to be used for New Year’s performances, most notably of which were the concerts of the people's choir under the direction of G. Tsybulskogo. Actors from the nearby cultural centre Zheleznodorozhnik’s theatre also gave concerts and stage performances in the park. In 1986, during the preparations for Tyumen’s 400th anniversary the park obtained its official name: the Komsomolsky Park.

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