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Historical Square

The Historical Square is the site of Tyumen’s first wooden Russian fortress, which was built in the 1580s.

Near the Historical Square is the Tura embankment, the pedestrian Lovers’ Bridge and the Gorodskaya Duma Regional Museum. Respubliki and Lenina - the central streets of Tyumen – find their beginning right here in the square. Unfortunately, the original fortress built in the 1580s has not survived to the present because it was washed out during a flood of the Tura River. Currently the site contains a memorial dedicated to Yermak and his brothers-in-arms as well as a memorial to the soldiers who died in Great Patriotic War. The Eternal Flame memorial is also found here. From one side of the square one can see a beautiful panoramic view of Tyumen Stadium and Tyumen State Architectural University, and from the other side of the square is the breathtaking Krestovozdvizhenskaya Church. The rich heritage of the Historical Square reflects the centuries-old history of Tyumen and Russia.

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