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Three Comrades

Three Comrades performance will take place in the Tyumen Drama Theatre

The novel of Remarque "Three companions" is a symbol of the human relations based on nobility, decency, honesty and mutual respect, commitment and love, on that old truth that from century to century preserved our restless peace from chaos.

The action of the play takes place in Germany at the turn of the 20-30ies of the 20th century. The war effect which forever remained in souls of people constantly remind of themselves. Three friends – Otto, Gottfried, Robert and his beloved Pat learn to live in the world where there is a lot of pain and evil, treachery and cowardice. Young people realize that life and death are unseparable, that meetings and partings are inevitable, that it is impossible to live without love and without loss. But heroes of a performance are blessed with the surprising gift. Despite everything, they try to  keep charm, desire to laugh, love, friendship, have fun here and now, despite terrible consequences …

This touching romance for lovers of all generations!

Beginning at 6 PM.

Age restrictions: 16+

Running time: 3 hours.

Availability of tickets see at the link below 

Contacts and venue

The performance will take place in the Tyumen Drama Theatre.
Details by phone: +7 (3452) 40-98-33.

129 Respubliki St., Tyumen


Tyumen Drama Theatre
Tyumen Drama Theatre

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