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My Idea

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Tyumen youth can receive up to 200 thousand roubles to realize their own ideas.

Applications are now invited. 

Any youth community of the Tyumen region can take part in the "My idea" grand project.

The age of participants is from 14 to  30 years.

The project Manager must be over 18 years old.

This year it will be possible to declare the projects in four categories:

—  City projects. They can cover the topics of international and interregional cooperation, career and creativity, healthy lifestyles and sports, Internet media, Patriotic education, volunteering, education, science and technology.

— Environmental projects. They should be aimed at introduction of separate waste collection, beautification and landscaping of the Tyumen region, and the development of environmental movements.

— Student projects. They must be focused on the development of student government, student unions and dormitories.

 — Projects dedicated to creative industries Tyumen. They can be directed on formation of a creative urban environment, increasing the level of culture among young people, the development of communications and creativity of the representatives of creative communities, as well as familiarity with culture and art through educational tools.

The best projects will receive financial support of up to 200,000 rubles for their implementation.

In addition to budgetary financing, the General partner of the competition Zapsibcombank will encourage the two project grants in the amount of 30 000 and 50 000.

Application deadline: May 15, 2017., the first wave.

Application deadline: from June 6 to August 15., the second wave. 

The first wave`s winners will be known on June 2nd, Vintage Restaurant, 143, Respubliki Str., 6 PM.

The second wave`s winners will be known till September 17.

Contacts and venue

Project`s registration:
Additional information in the offical group "Vkontakte":
On the website:
On the phone : +7 (3452) 68-96-96.

1 Vanzetti St., Tyumen


Department on Public Relations, Communications and Youth Policy of the Tyumen region
Department on Public Relations, Communications and Youth Policy of the Tyumen region

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