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Gorodskaya Duma Museum

The building of the Tyumen regional Museum of Local Lore Gorodskaya Duma was built in the second half of the XIX century. It is a magnificent example of the Russian provincial architecture. The high ladder and a stepped attic which give museum its slenderness, combined with a Corinthian portico and massive columns — the traditional buildings of public institutions and architectural elements. 

 The Window into the nature, constant exhibition introduces the variety of Flora and Fauna of the Tyumen region, its ancient inhabitants. An integral part of the museum  is a small paleontological Museum. The skeleton`s collection of mammoth, fossil bison, woolly rhinoceros, cave bear is presented at the museum. In addition, visitors can get acquainted with the Botanical, Zoological, entomological collections.

There are two exhibition halls. Regularly, the new exposition is opened thier. open new items. A variety of content, they attract visitors of all ages.

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