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Riaba the Hen

Languages: Russian

The Tyumen Puppet Theatre invites young viewers to the children`s performance Riaba the Hen and 2 more  fairy tales.

There once was an old man and an old woman and they had a hen called Riaba. Once the hen laid an egg, and not an ordinary one, but a golden one. The old man hit it and hit it, the old woman hit it and hit it, but could not break it. A mouse ran past, waved its tail, the egg fell and broke. The old man cried, the old woman cried, and the hen cackled: "Don't cry old man, don't cry old woman. I will lay you a new egg, not a golden one, but an ordinary one!..."

Also you will see two more fairy tales: A Fox and Geese and a Hedgehog and a Hare.

The performance starts at 10.30 am. and 12 Noon.

Age restrictions: 0+

Contacts and venue

The performance will take place in the Tyumen Puppet Theatre.
Details by the phone: +7 (3452) 46-86-03.

36 Kirova st., Tyumen


Tyumen Puppet Theatre
Tyumen Puppet Theatre

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