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Behind the scenes of social events

On September 15th. welcome to the master breakfast. 

The topic of the meeting is Behind the scenes of social events.


Eugeny Mikhaylovich Makarenko, the Deputy of the Tyumen regional Duma, Head of the Boxing Federation of the Tyumen region, the captain of the boxing national team of Russia, the repeated World and European champion, Member of the Russian Olympic team at the summer Olympic games 2004.


* social projects; 

* how to build an effective project team;

* how to think the authorities and etc.  

Audience: owners, С-siutes, entrepreneurs.

The price includes useful communication, business contacts, acquaintance with entrepreneurs, drinks (coffee / tea / water). 

You can pay on the day of the Master Breakfast. 

9. 15 — 10.45 AM.

Organization and support: TRO OOO Support of Russia, All-Russian Public Organization.  

Idea and concept: Master, the Institute of the modeling business.

Moderator: Anton Yazovskikh, Envestment Expert. 

Information support:,,,, Amber Publishing House,

Pre-registration is required at the link below

Contacts and venue

Master Breakfast will be held at the Chaika Restaurant.
Tel: +7 (3452) 46-58-58.

51, Respubliki St., Tyumen

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