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The Day of Trade Workers

On July 21st' 17 The Maximilian`s Bavarian Club Restaurant invites to congratulate workers of trade with their professional day.

It is difficult to imagine today's life without outlets, shops, hairdressing salons, dry-cleaners, parkings, studio, carpentry shops, book shops and other bureaus of services. In our everyday life it`s impossible to catch up; so, we use the provided services day by day. Internet sellers promptly entered everyday life and steadily take the important position.  This day grateful buyers, clients congratulate professional trade workers, give gifts, souvenirs and thank for fair and hard work. 

Dear Trade Workers, welcome to the party!

We start at 8 PM. 

Contacts and venue

The Maximilian`s Bavarian Club Restaurant, Pyotr Stolypin Business House.
For more information, please, call: +7 (3452) 53-52-53.

8B, 50 Let Oktyabrya St., Tyumen


 Maximilian`s Bavarian Club Restaurant
Maximilian`s Bavarian Club Restaurant

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