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Stasik, Play!

Stasik, Play! musical play will be held in the Tyumen Drama Theatre

Stasik, play! is the lyrical, musical, kind and light fairy tale for adults filled with all favourite songs and flashing jokes where a young generation of viewers will have an opportunity to plunge into a remarkable time of love of their parents. 

The plot is simple — there is somewhere, in some city an old house which has to be settled just about, and there live beautiful people who don't want to leave with each other and selflessly defend thier house from demolition!...

Creators of the play:

Director, Alexander Kladko

Art Director, Alexey Panenkov

Assistant Producer. Tatyana Draganova

Welcome to the premiere!

Availability of tickets and time see at the link below 

Contacts and venue

The Tyumen Drama Theatre.
Tel: +7 (3452) 46-86-03.

129 Respubliki Str., Tyumen


Tyumen Drama Theatre
Tyumen Drama Theatre

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