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ScaleUp starts its work. Invite participants!

ScaleUp mission is to creation an ecosystem for entrepreneurship formimg of favorable conditions for development and scaling business in Russia.

The program is based on the best domestic and world practices in enterprise. Thanks to ScaleUp listeners gain new knowledge, seize useful skills, come into perspective business contacts and, as a result, bring the business to a new level.

To participate in the program involved Federal and regional structures for enterprise development, as well as potential investors (both private and public companies).

Training consists of 3 blocks: work with the personal mentor, exchange of experience between businessmen, knowledge for business expansion.

The program lasts 9 months. You are waited for 18 meetings with the mentor, 6 mini-conferences, 10 training seminars.

Training is designed for businessmen who from 1 to 3 years in business, with a turn from 5 to 25 million rubles. 

Order taking is open.

Registration for participation in the program at the link below 

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SUPPORT OF RUSSIA, All-Russian public organization

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