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The Tyumen Drama Theatre invites to Moliere performance

This is a tragic, but at the same time funny and touching story of the last years of the Great French actor and playwright Jean Baptiste Moliere and his difficult relations with the "Sun King" Louis XIV. This is a story of love and betrayal, treachery and meanness, loyalty and devotion.

The Molière`s Royal troupe is on top. The playwright spoils for the King`s recognition, women`s  adoration and the   applause from the audience. But Palace intrigues lead to the fact that Louis IV turns away from him. Moliere, truly committed to the King, ready to flattery and adulation for the sake of the theatre, remains surrounded by loyal actors...

Beginning at 7 pm.

Age limits: 12+

Availability of tickets see at the link below 

Contacts and venue

The performance will take place in the Tyumen Drama Theatre.
Details by the phone: +7 (3452) 40-98-33.

129, Respubliki St., Tyumen

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